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Hello I am jedi_maceo Moderator of nefl_rpg_finder.
My group is currently looking for a player to join us in our game in Yulee
once maybe twice a week, for an average of 2-3 times a month.
Schedule is flexable, so just about any nmght you're available.
Boy, girl it don't matter. We're just looking for someone
who can keep their obligation and make a game.
We'd like someone who can take a turn GM-ing. We play
D&D 3.0-3.5, Star Wars D20, D20 modern, SLA industries...sometimes we
just degenerate into watching some cornball anime or a cool movie.
we carry on a bit, but over all are semi-serious gamers. Drinking's cool
(so long as you're of age) and we'd like someone over 21, but we're flexable
based on maturity.
We just wanna get on with our gaming!

You can reply here or e-mail me for more info at
and I encourage you all to join nefl_rpg_finder
This kind of thing doesn't need to happen ever again!
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