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Seeking RPG players in or around the Bradenton/Sarasota area...

I am a part of a live gaming group that plays RPG games almost every Saturday. We are a friendly group looking for one or more dedicated gamers to join, if you are into D&D (version 3 or 3.5), Shadowrun, L5R (Legend of the 5 Rings), or BattleTech (or MechWarriors). We're a bunch of geeks in our 20's to 30's who also hang out and do other things occasionally, like dancing or raiding the gaming stores. We don't play online games, but have been known to do some LAN gaming with Diablo and NWN and right now the hivemind is generally distracted by God of War on PS2 (most of us have PS2's and PC games). Our group size has slowly dwindled down due to pesky things like girlfriends and people actually having lives beyond game, etc.

Info on the group:
*Meets Saturdays in Bradenton, generally from 5-10pm
*5 active people, 3 who make cameo appearances
*Ages range from 21 to 39
*We have a female player!
*Racial diversity - ie, we're not all caucasian

*3 GMs in group - currently the active GM is running custom created D&D world, on the backburner another GM is working up Shadowrun campaign and on the side, during the week, the third GM runs Battletech
*Friendly, intellectual and open-minded people who attempt to avoid metagaming and munchie characters and don't bite...unless asked, nicely...and we are all current on our tetanus shots
*3 people into miniature painting, 1 pro-level
*All a bunch of dice freaks
*Vast libraries of knowledge that we are all happy to share - reference materials, books, minis, etc
*No gameboy smell (ROFL)

*None of us have kids and there aren't any babysitters here
*BYOB & food - we generally share munchies, etc
*We ask that you always respect the active GM, regardless of your previous experience - we like to talk through our differences, but ultimately it is the GM's call
*We prefer to remain a drug-free zone

If you have any questions or would like to join, please post here or feel free to email me: prismcat@hotmail.com
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