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Frogs raided the river

Hey y'all, Tampa gamer here, and a Nintendo fan from way back in the day. Well. Not way back. but ever since they started making coin-ops and consoles and the little cheap hand held things. Not that i'm not open to other things. At one point I would have killed for a sega cd or a 32x or an atari Jaguar (Doom being my prime reason. My computer sucked at the time). I'm really quite glad that I wasn't old enough to buy 'em for myself...

My specialities include Smash brothers, Soul caliber, Mario kart, and the Matrix. I'm working on Beyond Good and Evil for the Cube right now. I enjoy long walks in the secluded forests of Hyrule, tromping around in the marshes of Zebes, and plesant drives on Peach beach. The worst thing that ever happened to me is the shrinking of my attention span, which I think was brought on by my lack of a ps2, and consequently, of Final Fantasy. If that makes any sense. snoogins.
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if i killed the community, i apologise, perhaps I got overexcited...